The Transformation of Crossword Puzzle Games

Over the years, there has been a major transformation in the way crossword puzzle games are played. This word game which was developed by the Liverpool journalist John Arthur Wynne in 1913 has only gone up in popularity in the last 100 years. Isn’t that a pretty long time? Well, undoubtedly crossword puzzles are one of a kind of brainstorming games where cryptic clues and cues make way for new words every moment and solving these certainly induces one with instant gratification.


Now, talking about its transformation, we all know how crosswords became a craze in 19th century when it first got published in the Sunday edition of the newspaper New York World on 21st December’ 1913. And, since then there has been no looking back. In fact, with each passing day it has changed for good. From the yesteryears paperback crosswords puzzles to the new age, contemporary online crosswords, a lot has been happening in this world of words. While earlier people had to wait for magazines and Sunday newspapers to indulge in a game or two of crosswords, now, it is literally accessible just through a click.

Yes, the old school crossword puzzles has been revamped completely. All you are required to have is any digital device with a strong internet/wifi connection and you are good to play crosswords all day long. Be it your office desk, shopping mall, park or the four walls of your cosy, you can literally play it anywhere. And, as if it wasn’t appealing enough, there’s one more amazing news for all the crossword aficionados out here. Wondering what could it be? Well, unlike the old crossword puzzles printed on papers were getting the answers right just gave you satisfaction and motivation, there is this one online crossword which apart from inducing you with gratification and scaling up your confidence, also gives you amazing prizes as winnings. Yes, you heard that right! This cool online crossword has some super cool gifts and goodies awaiting your presence.

All you need to do is grasp the clues and cues that come your way, choose the best answer for every puzzle and voila! you are good to make all those goodies absolutely yours in no time. However, what needs to be kept in mind is the active time frame of an hour. Yes, this online crossword requires you to submit your answers within its time period of an hour to be in the ultimate race of winning. Once you’re done submitting the answers, the winners are announced after an hour when the puzzle is no more active and has been finally concluded. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

So, doesn’t this crossword transformation sound downright awesome? After all, it’s not everyday you get to win amazing goodies as winnings by playing easy crossword puzzles, right? Excited to dive in the world of this great online crossword? Well, just register at its website and unleash your inner wordsmith right now. Take my words, you are going to fall in love with crosswords all over again. Now, enjoy your puzzling session. Happy puzzling, folks!

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